change begins with talking


ready to make a change?

1-2-1 coaching


something on your mind?

need someone to talk to?

create space to think

something on your mind?

need someone to talk to?

when we are listened to, it makes us unfold and expand…

Something magical happens when we are truly listened to, heard and seen deeply – magic can begin to take place. Out of darkness, confusion and mess, a new light can begin to emerge.

Are you looking for someone to talk to without the risk of feeling criticized, shamed, judged or having unsolicited advice?

Like breathing and sleeping, we all have an innate need to be heard. When no such outlet exists, we can suffer in many ways.

Are you feeling a disconnect between how you present yourselves to the world, and how you are actually feeling?

An empathetic listener provides a safe space in which you can feel comfortable revealing all — from your deepest insecurities to your most cherished dreams.

why listening?

Whether you’re a high achiever, executive, entrepreneur, creative, parent or partner; you as an individual need to hear yourself think, and think freshly and deeply about the things that really matter.

By having an open, relaxed safe space to do this can have a very therapeutic affect and even give you the opportunity to gain insight and clarity on situations or events that you don’t currently have.

For the duration of the session you get to speak your heart and mind and bare your soul if you want to in a safe, quiet and anonymous space. Expect complete confidentiality*, and the session will not be recorded.

As I am 100% removed from your world confidentiality and non-judgement really means something here.

In this space you can begin to hear what matters and in clarity you begin to see the way forward.

Thinking when we are on our own can create stuckness, limited thinking and too narrow focus. With ‘I Am Listening’ we create the space to think, express and communicate which can open new vistas and opportunities; new ideas can emerge and fresh new perspectives can become enlightened by tapping into your own inner wisdom.

There will not be any diagnosis, opinions or judgements expressed about anything discussed but instead is a mirror or sounding board for you to explore and express yourself through.

If you're not speaking it, you're storing it, and that gets heavy.

A safe space

gain insight & understanding

space and freedom to explore ideas, thoughts or feelings can create amazing realisations, shift through stuck emotions, feelings or blocks.

zero judgement

don't worry about being judged or criticized or having to censor yourself during the session

therapeutic affect

having the freedom to completely express yourself to someone removed from the situation can have an amazing therapeutic effect and be incredibly cathartic

guilt free

experience guilt free talk with a neutral empathetic listener

how it works

Take a positive step towards emotional validation and the expression you deserve in 3 easy steps…

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change begins with talking…

These sessions can help ease the disconnect in a way that allows for greater freedom, self expression and healing.  There are many ways that a person can feel trapped, and there are many ways that a person can find their way out. Listening is one of these ways.

By removing the pressure for you to conform to expectations put on you by friends, family, bosses, colleagues or authorities it allows you to explore yourself. Use these sessions as a sounding board to find relief, healing and clarity.

This is a safe space for you to feel listened to and understood while sharing your dreams, burdens, regrets, and happiness with a neutral and empathic listener. It’s guilt-free talk with total trust.

Many people do not listen with the intent to understand;
they listen with the intent to reply”

why not friends or family?

If you have people in your life that can offer this to you already that is amazing and I believe a true blessing.

But there are some things you might not feel able to tell your friends and family right now or would rather not tell about for whatever reason.

They may be amazing listeners or they may not be very good at that skill right now, perhaps they are stressed and overwhelmed and unable to be present, maybe the want to ‘fix’ everything and give unsolicited advice that isn’t helpful to you or maybe you just don’t want to burden them.

a safe space

There will be no judgment or diagnosis of your thoughts and feelings and answers will not be provided by the listener. However revelations and answers can occur through the process.

Take a positive step towards emotional validation and the expression you deserve.

You Talk

I listen.

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